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The hardware industry is expected over the next five years, an annual growth rate of 10%

After ten years of accumulation and the steady improvement of China's hardware industry is now the world's biggest producer, exports growing steadily each year. It is understood that China's hardware industry, annual export growth rate of about 8%. Metal products exports last year exceeded $ 5 billion, and ranks third in the light industry export rankings. China mold expert analysis pointed out that due to raising the level of China's hardware manufacturing and the expansion of production capacity, it is expected that the next five years, China's hardware products will continue to maintain a steady growth of more than 10% per year, China is becoming a veritable hardware industry.

Now is the stage of the upgrading of the Chinese hardware products, from low-end to high-end products, the transition from a single product to the transition of diversified products, for the development of the hardware industry provides a good foundation. The introduction of high-end products abroad, while the domestic, but also will introduce advanced technology and management mode.

In recent years, China's hardware industry is growing steadily due to the performance of several aspects:


First of all, the quality of employees generally improved. Over the years, the quality of the hardware industry practitioners generally improve the person in charge, for example, to Beijing will be built, the country's largest hardware market China Hardware City, there is no lack of PhD, postdoctoral person.


Second, a general increase in the level of technology and management. As for the level of technology and management of the hardware business, been largely improved. Some domestic enterprise a few years ago began the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management experience, many companies in the technology, management already has a very high level.

Third, the development of the industry into the transformation stage. Stage is the upgrading of China's hardware products, from low-end to high-end products, the transition period. This is very favorable for the development of China's hardware industry. Transfer process in the production of foreign products to domestic, is bound together with the raw materials, including some foreign advanced production technology and management mode come.

Colleagues see the favorable factors, we must also be noted that China's hardware production technology in general is relatively low, many of the key technologies or in reliance on foreign, China mold that hardware companies in China should increase the funding of technology research and development efforts to learn and absorb foreign advanced experience as soon as possible, and second on the basis of advanced technology innovation, shorten the gap with the developed countries, hardware giant.